Why SHOWRUNNER™ is reliable and repeatable


Repeatability is essential to consistently deliver stakeholders the expected lighting control experience and a low cost of ownership.

Chief Integrations takes the reliability and repeatability of its SHOWRUNNER™ commercial lighting control platform seriously. From Day 1 we’ve employ modern software development processes to deliver a platform that performs consistently day after day, from one job to the next.

New releases undergo 250 automated tests on real hardware in real world conditions prior to availability to Crestron Agents through our portal.

Platform Updates

Keeping all SHOWRUNNER™ code safe, organized, and versioned is handled by a distributed version control system, GIT. Our GIT implementation runs in the AWS cloud and data is stored in secure and redundant online storage.  Nightly backups occur to replicate the complete dataset to a geographically distinct location away from AWS’ data center. 

Any time new code is committed to SHOWRUNNER’s GIT repository, a new build is automatically triggered on our build server.  Our cloud-based build server will build SHOWRUNNER™ in its entirety.  Upon completion of the build process, our build server automatically deploys SHOWRUNNER™ on a dedicated Crestron 3-series processor for testing.  At present more than 250 tests are performed and more are being added as we add new features.

Pictured below is most for Creston commercial lighting control products operating in our software development lab along with a range of luminaire drivers.