How We Work

Chief Integrations was founded for the purpose of accelerating our customer’s success, and is rooted in the belief that Elegant Solutions are the best way for everyone to succeed.

Elegant Solutions are defined, in technical terms, as pleasingly ingenious and simple.

Pleasingly ingenious and simple our daily quest in delivering our products and services to our customers. Our customers are then able to deliver a great experience to their customers.

In the end, Elegant Solutions accelerate our customers’ success, build customer loyalty, and propel our business.

Our Process

New Projects

Work to an existing defined scope of work, or;

 Develop the scope of work at your request, or;

 Engineer the entire system or any part as requested by you

 UI’s begin with a theme that is appropriate for the project and customized as necessary by the assigned project programmer

 Custom themes can be generated to emphasize a client’s brand or vision

Existing Project Updates

Work to an existing defined scope of work, or;

 Develop the scope of work at your request, or;

 Engineer any upgrades/changes to the system

 Update or replace UI to add functionality and improve the user experience


Can enter a project to any stage for problem determination, problem resolution, and problem prevention

 Solve infrequently occurring problems

 Develop solutions for integrations with industrial monitoring equipment like 4-somA, 0-10V, BACnet, Modbus, etc.

Support Services

Contract or On Demand support

      Engineering Beliefs

      Wired and Wireless networks should be enterprise grade for stability and manageability

       Remote support capability should be built in

       Use the best equipment for the job, not necessarily the most expensive

       Brand loyalty is based on proven performance, reliability, and feature set – not sales sheets.

       Reliability, stability, and remote manageability for Elegant Solutions

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