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SHOWRUNNER™ is a proven, repeatable Crestron commercial lighting programming platform available to Crestron sales agents.

SHOWRUNNER™ is the vehicle that is igniting exponential sales growth of Crestron commercial lighting controls.


SHOWRUNNER™ is available to Crestron Agents. Crestron Agents using the SHOWRUNNER™ programming platform for Crestron commercial lighting control projects will inspire confidence in prospective buyers, specifiers, and all stakeholders by presenting SHOWRUNNER™ as a proven, repeatable and reliable lighting control program that delivers the right customer experience while reducing startup costs and total cost of ownership.


Crestron Master Diamond Pedigree

SHOWRUNNER™ was built by Diamond-level Crestron Master Programmer, Mark Kohlmann, and his team. SHOWRUNNER’s architecture has proven scalable and reliable on hundreds of Crestron commercial lighting control projects from the simplest to the most complex.

SHOWRUNNER™ features are continuously expanded based on feedback from customer experience and changing regulatory requirements encountered by Crestron Agent projects.


Lowers Onsite Costs Even More

If Sequence of Operations, keypad layouts and serial numbers can be delivered at the time of the order or shortly after the order, that information will be built into the SHOWRUNNER™ program. Including this information will save significant amount of time during deployment onsite

Mark Kohlmann


One platform, elegantly configured for your project

Programming & Remote Deployment Support


  • This service is best for Agents with experienced field techs
  • Configuration of the SHOWRUNNER™ platform in our lab per submittals specification
  • Delivered, electronically, 2 weeks after order, or as little as 48 hours with expedited service
  • Remote deployment support for field tech and minor adjustments to the “as built” condition
  • On Demand remote deployment support: No need to schedule deployment support during normal business hours.

Remote In-Progress Verification


  • This service is an add-on to SHOWRUNNER™ Programming and Remote Deployment Support
  • For Agents with projects that need added capacity or have field techs with moderate experience
  • Remote access via Chief Integrations’ proprietary lighting control support computer system provided to Crestron Agents or via field tech computer
  • Provides confirmation of an on spec install as “portions” of installations are completed by the EC
  • Assists with installation troubleshooting
  • Reduces on-site time and reduces time required to correct off specification installation.

Onsite Programming & Startup Support


  • This service includes SHOWRUNNER™ Programming and Remote Deployment Support
  • A Chief Integrations field tech will come to the job site to assist Agents tech with programming and startup
  • Effective to training new field techs
  • Effective for adding skilled capacity to a job to achieve the schedule and specification

Remote Programming & Startup


  • This service includes SHOWRUNNER™ Programming and Remote Deployment Support
  • Select this service instead of remote in progress verification when the “field tech” needs extra capacity or field techs field techs are “new” with little or no experience
  • Great service to program and startup a job when an inexperienced field tech can act as “eyes and ears” for our team in our lab to program and startup a job.

Expedited Delivery Service


  • Delivery faster than standard 2-week delivery
  • 48-hour minimum time
  • Larger projects may require a phased priority approach to expedited delivery

Price Calculations Done by Chief Integrations


  • If Agent prefers, Chief Integrations does the price calculation for non-controlled equipment
  • If Agent prefers not to send a priced BOM at Distributor prices with the price calculations
  • Chief Integrations will provide the price calculation for the job based on the submittals provided and pricing data in Chief Integrations’ database

Advanced Scheduling


  • Provides for lighting control schedules for future days, dates and years
  • Pre-loaded with major holidays
  • Exceeds scheduling capability of Crestron Fusion

BACnet Integration

Integrates SHOWRUNNER controls with BACnet

Integration Hooks for Crestron Fusion

Integrates SHOWRUNNER controls into Crestron Fusion

ZUM External Room Support

Exports SHOWRUNNER controls to ZUM Rooms

Central Control for Multiple Processors

Aggregates multiple processors to manage schedules and scenes in a single location


SHOWRUNNER™ Scheduling

Loading Hardware

Configuring Properties

RGB Color Selection

RGB Color Entry

Dimming Curves


Ordering Information

Easy to Order / Reliable Delivery

Agents can pre-calculate the price for SHOWRUNNER™ based on the service selected and the controlled Crestron hardware.

To order SHOWRUNNER™ send to

  • PO for the calculated amount
  • Copy of the priced BOM, at distributor price
  • Submittals complete with Single Lines, Room (Area) Numbers/Names (legible), Load Schedules with Room (Area) Numbers/Names
  • Specify who should receive the program

Orders are acknowledged via email within hours of receipt.



The SHOWRUNNER™ program will be delivered within 2 weeks of the order date by email link to Chief Integrations’ secure sharing site, along with appropriate instructions and files.

If expedited delivery is required, please include the date required on the PO or in the email and add the expedited pricing to the PO per SHOWRUNNER™ pricing.  In most cases, programming can be delivered within 48 hours.

More Information

Contact Gene Kohlmann for further information, pricing, or to arrange an online demonstration of SHOWRUNNER.

Cretsron Services Provider - Master Programmer Diamond Certification
Cretsron Services Provider - Master Programmer Diamond Certification