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SHOWRUNNER™ is a proven, repeatable commercial lighting control platform available through Crestron sales agents.

SHOWRUNNER™ is the vehicle that has ignited exponential sales growth of Crestron commercial lighting controls.


SHOWRUNNER™ is built to harness the unique power and flexibility of Crestron lighting controls for the benefit of commercial lighting control project stakeholders:  End-Users, Facilities, Lighting Designers, Specifiers, Electrical Contractors, and Crestron Agents.

SHOWRUNNER™ is simple to operate, sets scenes accurately to achieve the designed experience, and delivers low cost of ownership as facilities staff can handle most demands without requiring outside resources.

Crestron Master Diamond Pedigree

SHOWRUNNER™ was built by Diamond-level Crestron Master Programmer, Mark Kohlmann, and his team. SHOWRUNNER’s architecture has proven scalable and reliable on hundreds of Crestron commercial lighting control projects from the simplest to the most complex.

SHOWRUNNER™ features are continuously expanded based on feedback from customer experience and changing regulatory requirements encountered by Crestron Agent projects.

Mark Kohlmann


One platform, powerful, simple to operate, elegantly configured for your project

SHOWRUNNER™ is right for the job

SHOWRUNNER™ has proven itself in well over 100 installations to date.




Commercial Office





Fitness Centers


Convention Centers



  • One system for all lighting control needs – from the simplest to the most complex
  • Simple and Reliable onsite controls
  • Timer controlled scene setting
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Health and productivity benefits of advanced lighting control capabilities
  • Levels of security for access to lighting control adjustments
  • Scheduling and Advanced Scheduling capability for scenes and energy conservation


  • Easy onsite screens to optimize the lighting controls by area
  • Onsite screens to troubleshoot lighting controls 
  • Screens for easy hardware replacement without need for programming or external intervention
  • Low total cost of ownership 

Lighting Designers

  • Achieve the desired lighting control outcomes with one control system
  • Onsite controls for easy “tweaking” of scenes
  • Security to lock out non-authorized users from changing scenes so scenes remain as is for the desired customer experience
  • Scheduling and Advanced scheduling to get the scenes just right and special scenes for holidays and other days of observance
  • Tunable White
  • Circadian 
  • DMX


  • Achieve the goals of the project with one lighting control system
  • Predictable outcome with demonstrable and proven features
  • Repeatable outcomes from job to job
  • Reliable achievement of the job specification
  • Proven performance

Electrical Contractors

  • Tools to speed up the commissioning, programming and startup of the lighting controls
  • Tools that empower the commissioning team to quickly determine and identify issues
  • Tools to quickly adapt the lighting control program to the “as built” condition
  • Proven reliability and accuracy of the lighting control program
  • Documentation such as load schedule and hardware data right from the control program

Crestron Agents

  • Present a repeatable, reliable, and proven lighting control program that delivers benefits for stakeholders
  • Deliver a lighting control program that delights end-users
  • Extraordinary value
  • Act locally to provide highly effective services during spec, installation, startup, and after startup services

Optional Features and Integrations

Advanced Scheduling


  • Provides for lighting control schedules for future days, dates and years
  • Pre-loaded with major holidays
  • Exceeds scheduling capability of Crestron Fusion

BACnet Integration

Integrates SHOWRUNNER controls with BACnet

Integration Hooks for Crestron Fusion

Integrates SHOWRUNNER controls into Crestron Fusion

ZUM External Room Support

Exports SHOWRUNNER controls to ZUM Rooms

Central Control for Multiple Processors

Aggregates multiple processors to manage schedules and scenes in a single location


SHOWRUNNER™ Scheduling

Loading Hardware

Configuring Properties

RGB Color Selection

RGB Color Entry

Dimming Curves


More Information

Contact Gene Kohlmann for further information, pricing or to arrange an online demonstration of  SHOWRUNNER™

Office | 866-630-3655

Direct | 949-629-4103

Cretsron Services Provider - Master Programmer Diamond Certification
Cretsron Services Provider - Master Programmer Diamond Certification